Furiously Happy

Sometimes you get a book and you swallow it whole like that whale swallowed Jonah. Yeah, this isn’t one of those books. In fact, I didn’t even read this book – I listened to it. That’s right, I'm a rebel - I got a motherfucking audiobook. Are audiobooks even books, though? Fuck, I don’t know. I think I’d go through an existential crisis every day if I was an audiobook. To be fair, I do already go through muptiple existential crises daily as a human, so my bar is set pretty low for this.

Furiously Happy is a book on saying a big, empowered FUCK YOU to mental illness and learning how to deal with the day-to-day of it, narrated by the hilarious author herself, Jenny Lawson. It shifts between being borderline genius to actual genius, a mix of laugh-out-loud anecdotes about her life with her straight-laced husband (who clearly adores her) and her normal, sane young daughter (who clearly is nothing like her) with a large dose of dealing with the difficult reality of mental illness and life in general.

She made me smile when I needed it and made me laugh when I didn’t know I needed it. It's definitely one of those books where I think the audiobook version is preferable as it's read by the author. Approach with caution as I’ve definitely made people in public super uncomfortable with my sudden unattractive snorts of laughter, unless you don’t care about that – and I strongly suggest that you shouldn’t.

Rating - 5/5